Moroccan Needlepoint Pillow Done

I have completed the pillow, to disappointing results (to me anyway). After doing the Blue Rug, everything seems bland, so-so. Not every design is a good one, but I’m learning with every project.

I ran into several problems. The count on the center square must be off – doing the off-white background ends up off at every intersection. The last row of background is different depending on which corner you look at. The darker brown border presented a different problem. After having trouble with the background, I wanted a stitch that could be used around the entire piece without have to change directions constantly. I decided to use the Brick stitch over two threads. All the stitches go the same way. Maybe it needs to be wider or a darker brown. I’m not thrilled but it’s complete and I’ll move on to other things.

dsc_03071And the other things include a new Moroccan Rug from the Anti Atlas in the far south of the country. Information about this will be posted next week as it’s on the May list of things do. Be prepared for something very different!


2 responses to “Moroccan Needlepoint Pillow Done

  1. This is a really pretty and simple accent to use with the framed rug – nobody is going to notice the minutae you mention. I like it a lot. sometimes we need something simple/boring to stitch for a break.

  2. There is so much going on in the rug, this pillow design will have an anchoring effect. And the simplicity of the pattern will make it easy for your next pillow to blend in (grinning and ducking!).

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