Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds

I love to play with colors and threads when it’s time to start a new project. But sometimes it fun to see what another designer is doing with color as well. I’m a ghost stitcher for Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds piece. She’ll be teaching it at the ANG Seminar in September. It’s on her website under Teaching Portfolio.  http://www.terrydryden.com/teaching-portfolio/    Scroll down toward the bottom of the page to see Flower Diamonds.

When the kit arrived at my house, I dumped everything out on the dining room table. I can’t believe all the beautiful colors and the many kinds of threads that are included! And all the beads too! 

dsc_0310There are four kinds of silks, silk ribbons, Kreinik braid and 1/16 ribbon, cottons, and linen. Terry says she doesn’t expect everyone to stitch it exactly the same. There are places where you can personalize it. That’s one of the reasons there are so many beautiful threads to work with. Some of the threads are new to me, so I will enjoy learning about them. I’ve never made silk flowers before and look forward to learning some new things. I’ll put up one post along the way and a photo when I’ve completed the piece. I really want to thank Terry for letting me participate in the Pilot Stitching for this piece. I’ve loved it from the first post she did on her blog when she was designing it.


3 responses to “Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds

  1. I loved working on Flower Diamonds the past two days. My ANG chapter in Maryland worked on it with her teaching it as a Pilot class. (We had several suggestions & someone found a chart error. Contact Terry when she gets back for the updates.) I need to make my hydrangeas even puffier! I learned quite a bit in the past two days. The piece stitches up a bit quickly actually. I got a lot done in two days of stitching. Have fun!

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