Anti Atlas Rug – Color Planning



It’s May and time to start working on a new rug. I’ve already shown you two rugs from the Anti Atlas and today I’m showing you another from Alia at Kantara Crafts. This one is more like a runner, long and narrow.

I’ve decided to do a rug similar to this one – three blocks wide with a border all the way around. You’ll notice that there are six squares with a specific color scheme and then it changes to a different color scheme for the next six squares. Even the outer border changes to go with each set of six squares.

So I needed to come up with three separate color schemes that would go together when stitched one after the other. I’ll be using Congress Cloth for the project and all cotton threads. I’m also going to use overdyes sparingly for each of the three sets I stitch.

The first set is mostly orange, the second set mostly brown, and the third set mostly green. I think they will work together very well. The threads are floss and perle cotton #8.

dsc_0308The photo is a little dark because we’re having rain in Northern California today – a very rare occurrence. 

This version of the rug will have 3 squares across each row and will have 6 rows – six squares with each color scheme (18 squares in all). The squares are 54 stitches which is 2.25 inches on Congress Cloth. The overall size will be about 9″ x 15″ after the borders are added around the edges.

I want to see how the project would look if it were done on 18 ct. mono canvas as well, so I’ve selected another set of colors using Sheep’s Silk which is 50% wool and 50% silk. I will only do two square from each set of colors. One square with an overall design and one solid color square which will have a motif stitched over a basketweave background. I should be able to estimate the amount of thread needed for the total project from that.


This smaller version will be 2 squares from each color scheme so there will only be 6 squares total. Again, the squares are 54 stitches, so they are 3 inches square. Just the right size for coasters! If I were to do the entire rug on 18 ct. canvas, it would be about 11″ x 20″ in size. Here is the thread for the 18 ct. canvas.

Now it’s time to start charting the designs. Hopefully, I can start stitching the first couple of squares next week.


5 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Color Planning

  1. Your colors are wonderful. I don’t have your vision though, I can’t imagine how this will look! I’ll be watching with interest for sure.

  2. Thank you for the question. I need to remember that not everyone needlepoints! Most of my projects use 18 ct mono canvas – 18 stitches to the inch. For this rug I’ll be using Congress Cloth – which is 24 stitches to the inch. That’s why I’ll be using threads that are thinner.

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