Anti Atlas Rug – Progress 1

The plan for the Anti Atlas rug is complete and it’s time to start stitching. I’ve started the first of 9 pattern squares. And I’m working on the trim for the first of the solid color squares and hope to have a photo of that up later this week. 

antisquare1aThis is a photo of the first 2 squares I’m working on. The patterned square on the right is the first of the pattern squares. My version has smaller points, but is similar in design. The solid colored square on the left has a small trim around the edge and I’m working on that part of the design now. The inside of the square will be a solid color. The motif in the middle will be added later. 

dsc_0320I started with the small triangle in the middle of each of the large triangles. Using the overdye for this first set of 9 squares, I did the Milanese stitch working over 4 threads. There are only 2 full Milanese stitches and the rest are compensating stitches. I needed points to be showing for the middle layer, so I turned the Milanese stitch around for the middle and outer layers. The points aren’t as long as the original, but I think they work well. Today I’ll finish this square and work on the first solid square. I also want to try out the borders so will stitch part of them tomorrow. Then I need to stitch these two squares on 18 count canvas as well. I think I’ll be busy for the next couple of days.


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