Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds – Update

I just finished the first of the three panels on this beautiful pattern! All the different colors blend together so well and I love the look of this first panel. The other two panels use the same colors, but the colors are used in different areas of the design. There will be more yellow in one panel and more of the lavender in the third panel. I can’t wait to get started. Here’s how it looks today.


I have now used all the different threads in the kit, some of them new to me. The only thread I’m not wild about is the Ty-Di Cotton+ which is a very knubby kind of thread. I’ll keep working on it and maybe my feelings about it will change. When you get to the large flowers in the middle, Terry gives you a list of what she used for the original. Then lists a lot of other threads, beads, etc. that you can use instead. Let your imagination go at this point and have fun. I’ve never done silk flowers before, and while I enjoyed learning to do them, I definitely need to practice a lot more on them before they look good. I did one of the flowers a second time to make it look better. This morning I decided I hated how the beads looked in the yellow flower and took them all out and did them again. Mine are passable and I hope practice will make them look better. I’ll continue with the other two panels in between working on the Ant Atlas rug. Another post will go up when this piece is finished.


2 responses to “Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds – Update

  1. Hi Jan,

    It looks great!

    I will probably start working on mine tomorrow after finishing my first assignment on Persian Fantasy (cyberclass I am taking).

    I am so looking forward to starting working on mine too šŸ™‚

    Pierrette =^..^=

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