Anti Atlas Rug – Progress 2

I didn’t realize how long it would take me to do one basketweave square! But I’m finally done with the first one. Here is how it looks so far.


The first square with the Milanese Stitch is completed. And one square of the basketweave is done along with its basketweave border. All 9 of the basketweave squares will look like this. The 3 in this set will all be the light orange color. The color of these squares will change with each set of 6 squares. After the square is done then I am adding a motif to the center of each using floss. The first one is a motif I’ve used before in the blue rug and the henna design.

DSC_0324Then I decided to try out the borders for this section. I’m using the overdye for the rectangles on the inner border and a solid dark orange for the outside border.

DSC_0324_2I need to finish putting these two squares on the computer today  before I start on the next square. The basketweave square will be repeated to the left of the step pattern and above the step pattern. The next pattern square will be above the basketweave square. I’ll start on that tomorrow. I’ll post when that square is done.


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