Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #3

Making slow progress, but progress none the less. The second pattern square is about half done. On the left is the original pattern and on the right is the one I’m working on right now.

AntiSq2DSC_0326Mine looks similar and will have the same feel, but there are several differences. The striped bands don’t touch like in the original version. They aren’t completely done at this point either. When the square is completed, I’ll go back and add white stitching above and below the striped band so that it looks more like the original. It should be finished tonight. Then I can continue to work on the next basketweave square. It’s partially done as well, as you can see in the next photo.

DSC_0325I should be able to post these two completed squares this weekend. Then I can get started on the last two squares in this set. I’ll also have to finish the double border around the set before starting the next set of six squares with browns and blues.


2 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #3

  1. This is quite amazing and so unique. How large is each of the 4 square motif? Then the overall rug size? Enjoying following your progress.

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