Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #4

The basketweave square isn’t completely finished, but I need to move on so I can start the next pattern square. I’ll keep working on the basketweave squares, but will only post when a pattern square is complete. It won’t be as boring for my visitors that way. The second square is now done as you can see below. I’m not an orange person, but this is very typical of the area that I’m studying at this time. I’m trying to keep with the colors and designs that are true to each area. That way you get to see the entire range of the rugs that are made in this one country. (And I’m only studying the rugs from the country areas, not the urban areas.)

DSC_0328I like how this one turned out. Three different shades of orange with touches of green. The Rhodes stitch in the center was done with the first half of the stitches in green and the last half done in ecru. It softens the dark colors through the middle of the square. I’m keeping up with the borders as I do the squares, They stitch up quickly and they are a nice break from lots of basketweave. Here’s the rug so far. 

DSC_0327There are two more squares in this set. They’ll be to the left of the ones shown above. I’ll be back with a progress report on in a few days.


4 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #4

  1. A few days? That won’t do it. Stitch faster. Drop household responsibilities. This is a glorious creation – again. There’s nobody doing anything like your work – it’s unique and beautiful. You should be proud.

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