Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #7

As usual, the basketweave isn’t quite complete, but wanted to share this with you anyway.  First, the original pattern done in brown with red-orange and green highlights. It has a fuzzy appearance for the grid, so I believe this is a pile rug (created with individual pieces of wool that are knotted), not woven. 

AntiSq4OMy adaptation was done with the dark brown as well, but I used a dark blue, a light brown and a dark reddish brown for highlights. I’m not using any red in this particular rug. I chose to do this set with blues instead.The grid is ecru and was filled in with Smyrna Crosses. The rest of the square is filled with Scotch Stitch done over 3 threads.

DSC_0333Anne from The Cape Stitcher asked for more information about where my rugs come from. I’ll do a post tomorrow about the Anti Atlas area, but will give a little taste today. The Anti Atlas Range lies in the south of Morocco, extending from the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Sahara Desert to the south. Here’s a picture from the area.

AntiAtlas1I’ll post more information and a map tomorrow. Enjoy!


4 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #7

  1. Pretty, as always! I used to do Turkish knots on needlepoint – the kind you clip to make them look like the rug pile. I like your colors – but that earth toned one is still my favorite. I’ll look forward to the history/geogrsphy lesson, as that’s not familiar to me.

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