Laura Perin Ribbons Completed

I have completed the Laura Perin piece called Ribbons of Harmony. Laura did hers in beige and aqua. I changed the colors to olive and apricot.

DSC_0334I wanted to use what I had on hand, but did make a trip to the LNS to see if I could find a Petite Very Velvet in olive, which is one of the threads used by Laura. There is nothing even closely matching the olive colors I would be using. So back home to find what else I had that I could use. I pulled out everything I had in olive and then picked out the threads I would use. I had the dark olive Ribbon Floss so I didn’t need to substitute for that. I also needed a Petite Sparkle Ray and Fyre Werks in olive. I couldn’t find a Sparkle Ray that would work though I did have a Frye Werks. Then I tried the two shades of Neon Rays + (one light and one dark). I decided they worked well with the olive perle I would be using. I decided to use both of these instead of the Petite Sparkle Rays and Fyre Werks. That left a decision on what to use for the Petite Very Velvet. I ended up using Frosty Rays. I think it works well with the other colors. It was used in all three of the wider ribbons. The overdye is Watercolors – Prairie Grass. I like the way it turned out, using colors of my own choosing and a few change in threads as well.


2 responses to “Laura Perin Ribbons Completed

  1. How lovely to see your finished piece, Jan!
    Thanks for posting it so others can see your color choices….

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