Anti Atlas Rug – Blue Section Completed

I finished the blue/brown section last night. Today I added the last motif to the blue basketweave section. Here it is.

DSC_0337I decided to put the brown overdye border around the entire set. The outer border of dark brown is just along the outside edge of the rug. In the original rug, they used the same inner border around each set of boxes and around the outside. The only border changes appear in the outer border. I wanted to try changing the inner border for each set as my own personal choice. And I do like it this way. It helps set off the different colors for each set better.

The last pattern square is simple but adds a lot of color and movement to the set. I am finding it interesting to see how they place the squares on their rugs. Some of the motifs in the plain background are simple and some are more complicated and have lots of colors and details. The same for the pattern squares – some easy to adapt and some much  more complex. For the pattern squares, I try to mix it up with some simple and some complex. Here is the rug so far – two of the three sets are now complete. It measures 8 inches by 10.25 inches.

DSC_0338Tomorrow I’ll start on the green section. Stay tuned.


5 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Blue Section Completed

  1. Fantastic job! The blue is definitely my favorite so far. How about a pillow insert in the blue/brown combination to go on your bed? It would compliment your wall hanging beautifully!

  2. Great minds think alike! I’m thinking of doing a set of four squares using the Silk & Ivory from the blue rug to make a second pillow for the bedroom. I think it would look very nice.

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