About the Middle Atlas Mountains

The Middle Atlas Mts. are the northern-most of the Atlas Chains. It’s a popular tourist area because of the landscape and animals found there. You can see the Barbary Macaques (which are endangered), wild boar, and even polecats. There are beautiful cities and sights as well.


Beni Mellal is called the “doorway to the Middle Atlas.” (My ex-in-laws live in this area.) You can visit the Roman ruins at Volubilus just a short distance away. This was a favorite of mine, as history really comes alive just standing there. The mosaic floors are mostly intact from 56 A.D.

VolubilusAnother interesting place is Ifrane, a ski town. It’s called Little Switzerland and the photo below shows why is got this name. It looks like a small Swiss village. Mischliffen is nearby and is known as the Moroccan Aspen. This ski resort rivals the ski resorts in the Alps.

IfraneAnd, as you’ve seen from my posts about Middle Atlas Rugs, they make beautiful rugs as well. They use beautiful colors here, including purple, blue and green. There are several other rugs from this area that I want to work with. Maybe some pillows will come up in the future.

The end of this month, I’ll tell you about the High Atlas and show you some rugs, as I get ready to stitch a rug from that last Atlas Mountain region.


3 responses to “About the Middle Atlas Mountains

  1. I agree- next the mosaic! Your love for Morocco really shows in the textile adaptations you do. I had no idea it was so interesting there. Thanks for the info!!

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