Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds Done!

What a fun project to work on! Beautiful colors and luscious threads. And don’t forget all the beads that Terry included as well.

DSC_0370This project used a lot of threads I’ve never used before so I made some discoveries along the way. There were four kinds of silk including ribbons. The ribbons were new to me and were used to make the flowers down the center of the piece. I love flowers but I’ve discovered I’m not good with real flowers or silk flowers. The silk ones are fun to play with, but I need more practice on them. I love that Terry gave me so many different threads to play with. Some of the flowers combined ribbons with other threads to add more dimension to them. The centers were done with french knots in several different threads and lots of beads, some a single color and some combinations of different beads.

DSC_0371The close up shows a few more details. The central flowers are done with buttonhole stitch – one layer on the right and two layers on the left. The centers were done differently. The multi-color flowers are done with a thread that varies as you stitch, fat at some places, thin in other places. That was fun to stitch with. You never know what look you’re going to get. And Terry included more than enough thread and beads to complete the project. I have lots left over and will have to think about something special I could create and use all those luscious threads. In the meantime, I’ll need to get this made into a neck roll pillow to display it properly. Thank you Terry for a wonderful design. 

Be sure to check out Terry Dryden’s webpage in the Blogroll on the right.


3 responses to “Terry Dryden’s Flower Diamonds Done!

  1. Huzzah! I’m still working on mine. But I did get my “homework” section done for Terry. It is such a lovely design.

  2. Beautiful! Must have been a nice stitching break from your rug. I can see wide differences AND similarities comparing your rugs to this project. Interesting.

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