Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #10

Before I started this rug, I had already decided on which 9 patterns to use for the pattern squares. Then along comes the new rugs that Alia posted online and on Kantara Crafts. One motif pattern on the new Anti Atlas rugs really caught my eye.

TalousteDetailI had to do this one! So I started Friday night and was able to quickly finish it last night. Here’s my adaptation.

DSC_0372This one is definitely my favorite of all the patterns used in this rug!  And here’s the whole rug so far.

DSC_0373Now I have only two squares to do and the rest of the outer borders. I’ll have it done by the end of the week. Then I’ll do several of the squares on 18 ct. canvas to see how they look in different colors. I also need determine how much thread would be needed for the rug on 18 ct. canvas. And I need to work on more of the stitch diagrams for a stitch guide. The fun never stops.

My 5 skeins of Trio arrived yesterday. I’ll play with that too, to see how much I will need for the High Atlas Rug which will start in July. Lots of activity here at Thread Medley!


5 responses to “Anti Atlas Rug – Progress #10

  1. Hi Jan,

    This is a fun adaptation for the rug.

    I’ve enjoyed reading all of your recent posts!

    Windy Meadow

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