A New Moroccan Rug – With Questions

While I was stitching the Anti Atlas Rug, I was also thinking ahead to the next project. The last area to explore is the High Atlas in the center of Morocco. My website shows four rugs from this area, but this one is what I will be using as my inspiration.

HighAtlasInspI’m not ready to start stitching yet. I’ll start next month but in the meantime there are many questions to answer and decisions to be made.

The first questions are for you, the reader.

Would you like me to blog about the process I go through to create this next Berber rug?

Do you want to learn how I set my goals, how I plan the layout, how I determine what motifs and stitches to use?

I’ve already started the process, but if you’re interested, I’ll start posting next week and show you how it’s done.


7 responses to “A New Moroccan Rug – With Questions

  1. Yes please! The rug is gorgeous. It would be fascinating to know your processes & planning as well as seeing progress. Learning how others approach projects teaches us all.

  2. This is beautiful, and I was hoping it would be your next one. Please do explain every thought process, as that makes it come alive and be more interesting. It’s good to understand how another artist’s mind works in the adaptation process. (from inspiration to canvas)

  3. Yes, I would certainly love to read about it and see progress photos.

    Many years ago we went to Morroco and had dinner with the Berber in the middle of the deserts. I remember it like if it was yesterday, so much fun.

    I do love their rugs, so that should be a lot of fun of watching you going through the process.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  4. Yes please. It is fascinating to see how you decide what you are going to stitch and the process you go through. Would especially love to hear more about how you choose your color scheme and which motifs to use when there are so many to choose from. And it is so tantalizing seeing each portion as you stitch and imagining what the finished rug will look like. Out of interest, have you considered finishing one as a small needlepoint rug?

  5. Hi Jan,

    Yes, I would enjoy watching you adapt and stitch this rug!

    What colors will you be using?

    Windy Meadow

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