How to Adapt Needlepoint – Step 3

Step 3 – Deciding What Colors To Use

The description of the rug I’ve selected says that browns, black, white, yellow, yellow/orange, and green were used to make it. I don’t see green in the photo, but I will probably use a little as an accent color. This gives me a good start on colors. I know orange isn’t my favorite (and many of  you said the same thing), so I won’t use orange on this.

Trio is from Brown Paper Packages. Since my LNS doesn’t carry Trio, I ordered 5 of the colors to play with and I’m confident it will work well for this project. It’s the same wool/silk combination (Silk & Ivory) that I used on the Blue Middle Atlas Rug. But Trio is standable, so I can use one or two strands at a time to work on 18 count. That will keep it easy to manage and will avoid any pilling.

Another thread I’m playing with is Splendor by Rainbow Gallery. This is a strandable silk thread. I know silk is used in many of the rugs I’ve been studying. I am going to buy 4-5 colors that I can use as accent colors for some of the motifs. I have a very pale yellow that will work, but I need to get a green and at least two more shades of brown to make parts of the motifs a little more visible.

DSC_0389The Trio for the entire project won’t be here until next week, but I can show you what I have on hand. The skein across the top will be the background for the rug – the major color. I didn’t want anything really orange and this will work well, I think. It’s called Peanut Butter. On the left are the other Trio colors. The darkest brown is from my blue rug. I ordered the same color in Trio, as the Silk & Ivory will be too thick for this project. The lightest color of Splendor is a light beige. The only color that isn’t in this photo is off-white. I should have grabbed some of that from the Silk & Ivory to include in the photo, but forgot.

It’s easy to see that this project will not have any vibrant colors. I’ve chosen a more neutral set of colors. Something a little different from what I’ve stitched before. We’ll see how this goes.

6 responses to “How to Adapt Needlepoint – Step 3

  1. These colors are beautiful – it does need that touch of green to cool it off. I’ve used Splendor for many years – it’s my favorite of the silks, and the easiest to control, as it doesn’t separate into little plies that are difficult. (unless you separate it first – I don’t)

  2. I have read about so many stitchers who just do not like orange and yellow colors, but I do like them in moderation and with just the right shade. Some shades are atrocious but others are rather nice. In moderation they add some life to a project.

    Pierrette =^..^=

  3. I have loved following your blog and what you do with the designs from other countries. I live in San Francisco and the Tut exhibit will be opening this weekend. When I look at the advance notices, I can’t help but think of your work. If anything, Tut was a very colorful fellow. I also like all the designs that the artists used in his days. I can image a pillow, rug or border done with these motifs. Thanks for the fun of watching you stitch.

  4. Interesting that the Tut exhibit has been mentioned – I did a lot of needlepoint design for pillows from that when it was shown the first time in New Orleans in the early 70’s. The Egyptian art is, indeed, colorful and provides great graphics for design in this field. Hmmmm. I have a papyrus painting on my wall now that my son brought me from Luxor.

  5. We live in Santa Rosa, CA and will be attending the King Tut exhibit on July 15th! We bought our tickets about 2 months ago. I’ve always had an affinity for all things Egypt and have many books about their art and the pyramids, etc. Living in Morocco brought history to life for me, with the Roman ruins of Volubilus that have intact mosaic floors from 56 a.d. Although I like the “traditional” Persian and Oriental rugs, they don’t draw my attention as much as the more rural rugs from Morocco. I’ll have to buy a book from this exhibit to add to the collection.

  6. Hi Jan,

    We saw King Tut’s exhibit when it was in Philadelphia. Just wonderful!

    DD has been very interested in Egyptian history and art since about 5 years old. Her room has been done in a Victorian discover Egypt theme. 🙂

    Now she is also interested in all things Asian and has started studying Chinese this summer.

    Windy Meadow

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