High Atlas Rug – Progress 2

I’ve made progress on the X box row. Let’s start with another look at the original motif.

HighAtlas_2I showed the start of this motif in my last post. You start by making the large X in each box using the main background color. The second step is to fill in the background around the X. You can see that there isn’t just one color for the background of these boxes. I decided to use 5 different colors. The box on the outside edge is brown done in Splendor. The middle X has a pale yellow background, also in Splendor. The other 3 colors are a very dark brown and two other colors area a lighter and darker shade of the background color. I like things orderly and I knew this rug would be a challenge for me. This row was easy to lay out since there were 9 boxes. The next photo shows the 5 different background colors.

A few comments on threads. I’m using one strand of Trio for the rug. But I know that I may need to ply up for some sections. When you pull the Trio apart, you get 3 strands of 2 ply. If I need to add to this, I’ll try 3 ply first. If that doesn’t work out well, then I’ll do 4 ply. The darker the thread, the more I might need to add a ply or two. The canvas shows through on the darker shades more easily than the lighter shades. I’m finding that if I work a little slower and don’t pull the thread so much when I complete a stitch, the better the coverage. The same thing is happening with the Splendor. When you pull Splendor apart, you get 3 strands of 4 ply. In the section that I’ve stitched, the yellow is 4 ply and the brown is 6 ply.

DSC_0495One step left to complete this motif. I need to use the background color to completely fill in the squares. I haven’t finished all of this step, but will continue to work on it today and again tomorrow night.

DSC_0496Tomorrow (Wednesday) we’re going to the King Tut Exhibit in San Francisco. We’ll be home before dinner, so I will have some time to stitch tomorrow evening. When this row is completed, I’ll probably start a few motifs in the left, right, and middle bands. I’ll also start the first of the yellow sections of the large square inserts. There are no motifs in the yellow portions of these boxes, so it’s a good thing to stitch on while watching TV. Here’s the rug so far.

DSC_0497I have 6 more  boxes to go to finish this band. I’ll work on it as much as I can today. I usually stitch on my rugs about 4 hours a day. The air conditioner is already on here. It was 94 tomorrow and will be a little hotter today. Not what you would expect in Wine Country, is it? Then it will ease off to the 80s the rest of the week. Even with air conditioning, I find that working longer than an hour gets my hands too hot while using this 50% wool thread. So I break it into about 4 shorter stitching periods. In between stitching, I work on the computer to get motifs done. I’m not used to designing on the computer, but I’m working on it more for this rug. Another goal for me – getting the stitch diagrams for the motifs done before stitching them in the actual rug. So far, so good.


2 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 2

  1. I love that you are using 5 shades for the immediate backgrounds around the Xs. Makes the Xs look all different! Great progress.

  2. This is fabulous, already. I look forward to it! You’re doing what I wanted to do for years, but couldn’t figure out how to get it done, as I was always thinking “painted canvas” instead of counted. I like your “interpretations” also. I would much rather watch you than try it myself.

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