High Atlas Rug – Progress 4

I finished the insert. I’m glad I took out the off-white stitches until I finished the black background. It looks much better now. And I’m pleased with the Brick stitch. It does look like it was woven and it’s starting to move along nicely now.

DSC_0497Then it was time to work on the motifs in the bands that run along the outside edges and up through the center of the rug.

DSC_0495For all of the bands in this rug, I’m stitching the motifs using stitches other than the horizontal Brick stitch. That way they will show up a little better. And it’s adding a little more texture to the rug. The top motif is one I’ve already shown you. I stitched it using the Scotch stitch. Each time I use this motif, I’ll change the colors a little. This version looks good, but I’ll try some lighter colors with the next one. I don’t want all the versions of each motif to look the same.

The second motif is a simple cross. I haven’t seen this motif in any of the other rugs I’ve studied. Each version I see on this rug has a simple formula for color. Dark colors for the interior and the outside edge, with lighter colors for the middle section. I used Basketweave for the two dark colors, and Gobelin for the lighter color. You can see that I haven’t quite finished the background color around this motif.


Then I moved to the band along the outer edge. I didn’t get as far as I wanted on this side. I’ve stitch one motif and started to outline it and then stopped. I’m trying to decide if I should put in the background before I do the outlining. I also have to outline the main motif with very dark brown.

The plan for the next few days is to finish this motif and add one more above it to even things up along the right side. Once that is done, then I’ll work on the insert on the left. I don’t think I’ll have time to complete the entire insert, but we’ll see. When the second insert is done and the two motifs from the right side are added to the left side, the rug will be 6 inches long. Then it will look a lot better – it will have more of a personality. Here’s how it looks right now.



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