High Atlas Rug – Progress 5

DSC_0495I have completed the two motifs on the right side. As I was filling in the background color, I noticed that one of the little C shapes was facing the wrong way. I ripped it out and did it over and then completed the motif. I also added a smaller motif below it, since the first motif is a little larger than the others.

This will be more of a problem with the center band, because there are 3 shorter bands in the middle, not a continuous band like on the left and the right. I need to get the two small borders above the yellow bands done before I add anything else to the middle band so I know how much room I have for motifs. I think two more will fit, but I need to be sure before I stitch anymore in the middle.

The next project was to work on the second insert for the top of the rug. The original is shown on the left and my adaptation on the right. The originals are fuzzy and I’m having trouble figuring out what to do to adapt them. My adaptation isn’t that close to the original but it was the best I could do at the time. I don’t like it that much. When I repeat this insert at the bottom of the rug, I will have to change the colors and see if that will improve the look.

HAInsert2 DSC_0496

Over the next few days, I will finish the second insert, repeat the motifs from the right side on the left side, and start the two small borders below the yellow band. Once that is done, I can decide how many more motifs will fit in the center and continue to stitch more motifs on the left and the right.

I have this on scroll bars right now and I won’t be able to go much farther without having to scroll part of the design out of sight. Over the weekend I’ll have to move it to stretcher bars. This will make the project harder to work on, but I’ll be able to take photos of the entire rug for each post.

Here is the rug as it looks right now.



3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 5

  1. No, Judy, it must be MY Christmas gift!! Great progress. I agree with Anne that your soft yellow is much nicer than the original. Interesting how it is getting almost a American Indian feel now.

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