High Atlas Rug – Progress 6

I haven’t completed much in the last few days. I finished the rest of the black and yellow bands in the second insert and started on the two small borders below the yellow band. Here is the original version on top and my adaptation on the bottom.

Border2-3DSC_0495The first border is a zigzag and I find it interesting that it doesn’t seem to continue all the way across the band. That, or the colors changed and the zigzag is less visible. Mine has a very pale yellow forming the zigzag and a brown in the center of the two yellow stitches. These were done in Splendor silk thread. The background was then stitched in Cappuccino, using straight stitches.

The black border was done with one strand of two ply in black Trio. Like the starting border, I wanted to keep it a little less filled in since I would be stitching over it. The top stitching is done with very pale beige Splendor. I have fewer lines in my adaptation since I am using a smaller number of rows for these borders. These two border appear a total of four times in the rug and they will all be stitched using the same colors.

I started working on the motifs along the left side, but ran into problems where I went up one side and then down the other to fill in the background and they didn’t match up. I had to pull out half the background for the motif and then stitch it again. There is now a problem with one side of the motif where the dark brown outline doesn’t look good. And I don’t like the light green around the C shapes. So I’ll be pulling out more stitches before I can continue. Hopefully, today will be a better stitching day.

Here is the rug so far. I now notice that I should have rotated the photo so the beginning black border would be across the top since I’m working it from the top down.

DSC_0496My plan for today is to correct the problems with the motif on the right and then take it off the scroll bars. I’ll pencil in all the rest of the lines for the rug and then put it onto stretcher bars. Over the next few days I want to finish the black border and add motifs to make the whole rug even across the top of the black border. It will then measure 7 inches and be about one third done.


3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 6

  1. I really like that pale yellow – your colors are much better, I think, than the original rug. Good work. I love watching this.

  2. Hi Jan,

    Very interesting. I’m enjoying watching the patterns develop though I’m so sorry you seem to be undo stitching a lot right now. 🙂

    Windy Meadow

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