Stash and Storage

I have a deadline this week and haven’t had time to stitch on the rug. I’ll be back to it in a couple of days.

I’ve noticed a lot of posts lately about the stashes we all have and how to store them. I thought I would add something to the discussion.

Like all needlepointers, I have a stash and I’ve tried a lot of ways to organize it – I’m an organizer and it drives me nuts when I can’t find what I need. A few years ago I found a website ( that sold scrapbook supply organizers and bought one. It’s a mini-tower and you customize the drawers the way you want. The cabinet is maple and is heavy and strong. You put it together but it’s very easy. The drawers pull out in just a second so you can rearrange them if you want.

DSC_0497 This first one has drawers that are one inch and two inches deep. That’s all they had at the time. The next year they added a three inch drawer and I had to order another one. I needed the storage, right?

You decide how many of each size drawer you need and order. As long as the total number of inches is 19, you’re good to go. These slide out easily so when I’m pulling threads I pull out several drawers and put them on my desk and I can easily see what’s available and try out different colors and types of threads to see what will work together.

I organized the threads by type. Two one inch drawers are the left are for Kreinik by size. Two inch drawers contain perle #8 threads, floss and perle #5. The right side has some three inch drawers which are perfect for all the Rainbow Gallery threads on the large bobbins. Middle drawers are all my silks and the top drawers are silk/wool threads.

DSC_0496 This handles most of my stash. But I do have a storage cupboard on another wall. The top is a very deep drawer and I use this for floss, etc. that I have wound on bobbins.


This gives me the full range of the floss when I’m starting a new piece. The are over-sized bamboo silverware drawers. I can stack three on top of each other in this storage drawer. This top one is floss.

Like many others this summer, I’m working on some smaller projects hoping to reduce my stash. There are some threads I wouldn’t buy again, so I want to use them up and make room for those I love and want to buy more of. I don’t have the biggest stash out there – but I sure like adding to it. This summer my stash and I are both on a diet. Wonder who will win that race.


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