High Atlas Rug – Progress 7

Thank you for your patience while I was getting a few other things done this past week.

It’s now been 3 weeks since I started the rug, and I’m about a third of the way through. First the vertical bands – here are photos of the three bands so far. The center band has 4 motifs and the others have 3 so far. I’ve filled in the center band because there is a new band that will go across the rug just below the black section that I just completed. The side bands continue all the way to the X row at the bottom of the rug without a break of any kind.

DSC_0494 DSC_0496

This horizontal band is one of two that will have five 8-pointed starts across it from the left band to the right band. That is what I’ll be working on next. Then there is a repeat of the zigzag and black bands before the next set of solid yellow and black inserts. Since the next set of inserts in the middle of the rug, the designs are more complex and will extend across the yellow as well as the black. The first design is planned and I’ll put in on the computer tomorrow. Then I need to design the second one as well. That will finish all the designing for the rug and it will just be stitching time from then on.

Here is the rug so far:

DSC_0497Until this past week, I’ve been stitching every day on this rug. I’m going to change my routine a little at this point. I have other things that I need to work on and/or complete during the month of August. So I’ll work on the rug five days a week and other things the other two days to give myself a little break and work on something different. That way maybe there will be a surprise project to show you at the end of the month. We’ll see how things go.

Thank you for following me along the way. I can’t believe there have been 15,000 hits on my blog in just 9 months. I very glad for the company.


2 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 7

  1. This is just so gorgeous!! The hits on your blog are justified, as yours is so unusual and so very fascinating!! I think this is my favorite of the rugs you’ve done.

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