High Atlas Rug – Progress 8

Slow progress, but progress. The two motifs for the middle inserts have been designed and are in the software on the computer.

The next step was to do the star band. Here is a portion of the original. The star patterns are spaced across the row and have smaller motifs between them. In this photo you can even see two placed one above the other.

StarBand-1I started with the stars. I’ve done these motifs before, but there there are two more colors added to the top and bottom. Here’s my adaptation. I decided to do 5 stars for the band. They look pretty good at this stage.

DSC_0494They are not set at the same level – each is a thread or two above or below the one next to it. The original appears to be done this way. Then I worked a motif in the side band. I stitched the background around the motif and continued the background stitching across the star band. I didn’t get very far on this last night.

DSC_0495I’m not sure the extra colors on the top and the bottom of the stars show up very well against the background but won’t change anything at this point. The second star band uses a different method of doing the stars and I will have to pay close attention to the colors I select to make them show up better.

My next step is to finish the star band inserting small motifs along the row between the stars. After than I will stitch the small black border followed by the zigzag border. Then I can continue to add motifs to the sides and start the next two inserts. I see a couple of busy weeks ahead of me. Here’s where it is today.



4 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 8

  1. Anne is so right – just when we think you couldn’t get any better, you do! This is truly magnificent, and a superb adaptation of the original.

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