High Atlas Rug – Progress 9

I’ve finished the first of the two star bands. I added small motifs between the stars, two V-shaped motifs and two protection motifs. There is a small + inside each protection motif to watch from all four directions. Many people think this motif is the evil eye, but it’s actually the opposite. It’s an eye motif that watches out for evil and protects you from evil. I call them good luck charms.

DSC_0499I’ve started the last of the regular motifs on one side of the star band too. It’s another version of the protection motif. It’s a little larger and has a larger cross variation inside of it. I stitched it using backstitch so that it won’t slide around on the surface of the rug. It looks good and avoids the problem I had with this motif on the High Atlas Rug.

DSC_0497After I fill in the background for this motif, I’m going to work on just one side of the rug for the next week. It’s time to finish the small borders for the next insert and then start on the larger design for Insert 3.

I’m just over a third of the way through the rug now. And, since Judy commented on this, the rug probably won’t be done until mid September. She and I both have a good reason for completion happening in September and not this month. Stay tuned. Here it is so far:



3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 9

  1. It’s an awesome piece of needlework! I agree – I wish we could enlarge it to see the details up close. The progress is fascinating.

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