High Atlas Rug – Progress 11

Tuesday evening I took out the Capuccino squares on Insert 3 and restitched them in pale yellow silk. They look much better now. Then I finished up the insert by stitching the yellow band across the bottom. With the insert done, I started working on the motifs in the left band and started one on the middle band.

DSC_0494The skein of Peanut Butter Trio I’m using right now doesn’t seem to be covering the canvas very well. I’ll have to start pulling the two  ply apart and then thread them through the needle and see if it covers better. It’s even harder to cover the canvas when you have a row of single stitches to compensate around a motif. You can see that it covers well much better with the yellow. When I finish two motifs in the middle band on the right above, I’ll be exactly half way through the rug. I’ll be starting on the black and zigzag bands this weekend so I can do Insert 4 next week. Here’s the whole rug so far.



3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 11

  1. I like the change you made to the “lost” motif. It really stands out now.
    You are inspiring me to do a rug with Spanish motifs. As I walked around my neighborhood today, I saw lots of houses with Spanish tiles. I will take my camera tomorrow and see if I can get some pictures. This will be a project for the future, as I am up to my eyeballs in Santas right.

  2. I encourage the work from Mexican tiles – I have lots of them in my line also, and have LOVED the adaptation process. The Talavera, both Spanish and Mexican are a joy – but the Mexican is so exuberant in the colors. I like this rug more and more, when it doesn’t seem possible – the colors are yummy.

  3. Jan, please refresh my memory–are you working on 13 ct. canvas or 18 ct.? Canvas mesh size may be the cause of the Trio Peanut Butter not covering to your satisfaction. It looks beautiful to me, though!

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