High Atlas Rug – Progress 12

Let’s start with the small black bands. I told you I wasn’t pleased with them last week and wanted to try something different when I got to the next one. Here’s a picture of the 4 bands as they are today.

DSC_0496I decided that the first pattern I tried just didn’t look good. It wasn’t a good adaptation of the original rug motif and it was also too heavy. So I took it out the right side and did the two bands differently. I used 2 ply of Splendor instead of 4 and did a simple Sprat’s Head (spread out a little like in the beginning band at the top). Since these bands are placed on each side of a star band, I decided to have them point to that band as well. It looks a lot better, doesn’t it? I think I’ll pull out the topstitching on the other two this week and redo them.

I also started the next large insert – #4. On the last insert, the Scotch stitches were on the black background section, so I used them on the yellow section this time. Even though I had this all done on the computer, the pattern just refused to fit in the alloted space. So I had to take out the center section and squeeze out two stitches and then stitch it again. I finally got it done last night and started the background for the insert.


The center square has white Milanese stitches around the dark brown and then light yellow Milanese stitches around them to form the square. That should make it show up well against the black background. I have two concerns at the moment. The white Scotch squares in the yellow section may not show up enough and I can’t seen to get the right color to go around the diamond shape that crosses both the yellow and black background. Maybe the lighter copper color from the center of the Milanese square would work. I may change those colors before I continue to stitch the background.

I need to finish this insert and then work on the vertical bands to they are all even. See you in a few days.



3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 12

  1. This is an amazing work of art!! It’s perfectly beautiful, and fascinating in your way of adapting these rugs.

  2. I thought the two original black bands looked just fine, until, that is, you put the new adaptations next to them! The ones on the right look much cleaner and more precise, and make the ones on the left look busy.

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