High Atlas Rug – Progress 13

I’ve been working on little bits and pieces over the last few days. Insert 4 is complete, the other two small black bands have been redone. I stitched around a couple of motifs, finished the middle band, etc. Lots of little fussy details. Here is insert 4:

DSC_0494You can see the lines for the next sections. I have to repeat the zigzag band and small black band below the last yellow panel. Then I’ll be ready for the second star band. I also need to add background to a motif on the left side and stitch 4 motifs on the right side. I’ll be busy on those things over the next few days.

Here is the whole rug so far:

DSC_0495I’m also spending some time each day on other projects. I’m working on the stitch guide for the Henna Star design. I’m working on a new tile coaster. I’ve decided not to do a stitch guide for the Anti Atlas rug, but will do a set of coaster using about half of the squares that were part of that rug. And I have 4 others projects rolling around in my head that I’ve started pulling threads for and started sketching and playing with on the computer.


3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 13

  1. As always, this was worth waiting for – perfectly amazing and beautiful. You have an incredible mind for needlepoint adaptation.

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