High Atlas Rug – Progress 15

Moving along nicely right now. I did one more motif on the left side, and two more on the right side (still need one more on that side) and the background around them. Then I started on the second star band. On the left below is the original and on the right is my adaptation.

Star2 DSC_0494

There are five stars across the band, like the first star band. Then I’m using the same small motifs around them. Here is the band so far.


Next, I will finish the star band, add one more motif on the right side, and then stitch the last of the zigzag bands and small black bands. When that is done I will start on Insert #5. I’m two thirds of way through this rug and starting to look forward to what I will work on next. Planning takes a lot of time and it’s time to start thinking about it and doing some sketches. Here is the rug so far.



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