High Atlas Rug – Progress 16

Things are going faster now. No new motifs to design or show. Just repeats of the beginning seven inches of the rug. I’ve stitched the last of the small black bands and the zigzag bands. I’m now working on the fifth insert. I’ll hopefully finish that today and then stitch the middle band and start the last insert tomorrow.

Insert 5 is a repeat of insert 2. It was top right when I started this rug. I’ve change the colors a little and moved it to the left side this time. I’m stitching the black while I sit outside each afternoon on the shady patio. It seems to be easier to stitch in the natural light.

DSC_0494I’ll stitch the four motifs that are between the last two inserts before starting the last insert. I hope to have that done in my next post. It’s more enjoyable stitching the rug now that all the designing is completed. I only have to make a few decisions on what colors to use for each of the motifs and that is much easier now as well. I can easily see which motifs stand out more and tend to use those color combinations more. I’m hoping to be finished in about two weeks.



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