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Many of you who read my blog know about Judy Harper of Austin, Texas. She shares her painted canvases, stitching tips, and free fun projects on her two blogs Possibilities, etc and Freebies, etc! (which are listed in the Blogroll to the right). She also writes an article for each issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine.

The issue that is mailing this week is for September and October. In her latest article she interviewed me about how I got started adapting Berber rugs to needlepoint and shows the inspiration and my adaptation of the Blue Rug from the Middle Atlas of Morocco.

dsc_0310I’m hoping that people who read the article will come here and see what I’m working on now and continue to read along as I work on more projects based on Moroccan and Berber art. Now you know why I’m in no hurry to finish the High Atlas Rug. I didn’t want to finish it before the article came out.

I’m working on some smaller designs to do after the latest rug is completed. And I have a small stitch-along project to share with all of you for the One Year Anniversary of this blog on October 16th!! Stay tuned. There is a lot more to come.


3 responses to “Needlepoint Now Magazine

  1. I’m looking forward to watching the stitch-along project, and may try it myself. Your adaptations are the only thing I’ve ever seen that have made me want to do the counted work. It’s unique, imaginative, and gorgeous. I totally enjoy watching your blog to see each new rug evolve.

  2. wonderful designs and embroidery. What stitch are you using ? I’ve learned the “fes stitch” in marocco and I’d like to know other stitches used there. biz

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