High Atlas Rug – Progress 18

The last insert is now complete. I changed it a little by eliminating two of the diamond shapes and switching the background to Brick Stitch like the rest of the rug. I was never really happy with the Basketweave Stitch on the first version. Around the outside of the center motif I only used one color, rather than the two in the first version. It’s better now, but I’m still not completely happy with it.

DSC_0497I was hoping to finish the band on the left side of the rug last night, but only added one motif. I’ll add the one that looks like Irish Chain today and then see if there is room for two more motifs or just one. Then I’ll move on the the right side of the rug and finish that band. I think there is room for 5 motifs on that side. So close to be finished. It’s getting exciting now to see how long it will take to complete this fourth rug.



One response to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 18

  1. Really really nice. I do like that brickstitch, as the texture is right for the rug, whereas, for once, basketweave would be boring and flat. Again – this thing is incredible!!

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