High Atlas Rug – Progress 19

All the vertical bands are now complete! I finished the band on the right last night. I also took the time to take out the center of the motif in band 5 (bottom left). It didn’t look as good as the original one and I found that I had not counted properly when adding the various layers to form the diamond. I added a row of stitches over 1 thread in the same dark brown as the last layer and then stitched the center again. Now it looks better and matches the first version. On the left below is insert 5 and the last 3 motifs in the left band. On the right, insert 6 and the last 4 motifs on the right band.

DSC_0496 DSC_0498

All that’s left now are the two horizontal bands that I used to start the rug. The large X boxes and the final black band. I’ll probably work on them both over the next few days, alternating between the two. As I’ve said before, the black is hard to stitch at night.

DSC_0499When the rug is finished in another week to 10 days, I’ll go over my goals for the rug to see if I accomplished what I set out to do. I’ll also tell you about what parts I really like, what things went wrong, and maybe even tell you about some upcoming projects to share with you too.


4 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 19

  1. This is great. For some reason I had real difficulty visualizing the layout of this rug – the reality is beautiful. Each rug is even better than the last – and the bar is getting much higher. Well done!

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