High Atlas Rug – Progress 20

There isn’t much to show today, so let’s do a question first. Looking at the rug, which color do you think would use the most thread? How about second most? I purchased five skeins of Trio to try out the thread and determine how much I would need to stitch the rug. The yellow and black used in the inserts is about the same amount and when you take out the design in the middle of each black band, I would have a little left over. I decided to purchase one extra skein for the beginning and ending band. I also figured that there was a lot more of the background color (peanut butter) than anything else, so I ordered several extra skeins of that. Now that I’m almost finished, I discovered something over the weekend. I’m going to have almost 4 skeins of the peanut butter background left over!! And I might not have enough black to finish! All the others colors I planned just right. The problem with the black was having to use 3 ply instead of 2 ply to cover the canvas better. So I used the same number of skeins of black and peanut butter to do this rug. Who would have thought?

I’m now working on the final two bands. The X boxes are half finished and the black band is a third finished. Everything is looking good and I hope to have this finished by Saturday. We’ll have to see. Here is the final work area:

DSC_0496And here’s the whole rug as it is today. One more post and then it will be time to go over the good and bad things about the project. Stay tuned.


3 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Progress 20

    • Not two strands, Anne. When you cut a length of Trio, it has three strands of two ply each. Normally, I used one strand (two ply), but for the black I needed to pull one strand apart and use 3 plies to cover the canvas better.

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