High Atlas Rug – Finale!

69 days!

15 skeins of Trio thread, and  5 cards of Splendor Silk were used to complete this High Atlas Rug.

It measures 13.5 inches X 23 inches.

HighAtlasInsp Here is the original rug so you can compare it with my adaptation. My colors are a little softer but close to the original. And mine is definitely smaller in size.

My goals for this rug were to create a needlepoint rug that looked like a woven rug and I feel I accomplished that goal. The second goal was to create motifs that could be woven into the rug as I stitched. Some of the motifs do contain the Brick Stitch which I used to create the woven feel of the original. Others used different stitches, but I like the look of them within in the rug. The motifs stand out a little more because of the use of other stitches.

There are two things I don’t like about the rug. The dandruff of the canvas showing through in many parts of the rug is my main complaint. The second is the green that I used in the rug. When used in very tiny amounts it’s okay, but it seems too much in some of the motifs. Maybe if I had used more of an olive green, it would have blended in a little more. The description of the original rug said they used green but I really don’t see any myself.

Here is my completed High Atlas Rug:

DSC_0495Despite my grumbling about the dandruff, I think she turned out nicely. She’s similar to the original, but not identical. There were more motifs on the original. There was no set pattern for the vertical bands and the star bands, and I felt some were too crowded so I made them cleaner and simpler. Over the weekend I’ll post one more time about this rug, telling you about my favorite parts.

Thank you for making the journey from blank canvas to completed rug with me. As usual after finishing a large project, I long for small projects for a while, so you’ll see a new version of the Henna Star design next week. After that, who knows what I’ll be working on. There are several things in the works.


7 responses to “High Atlas Rug – Finale!

  1. This is amazing and totally gorgeous – I’m fortunate to have watched it from concept to completion! Great experience, indeed! What’s next??

  2. I really like all the little motifs on the sides and middle. They all are different feeling, especially dependent on what they are next to, I think. I have to admit I forgot you used green. On my monitor, what I think must be your green has always looked like sky blue/mint to me, as far as the original I thought the eight narrow inner bands that are black on yours were green. Who knows though with monitor calibration! A piece of fabric I ordered recently that I thought was going to be pale spring green has a definite blue gray cast in real life. Ah well! Thank you again for sharing.

  3. I definitely prefer your rug to the one from which it was adapted–the colors are softer and the motifs are crisper. You’ve created a mini-masterpiece and we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate its completion with you!

  4. Thank you for sharing your creative process with us. I enjoy reading about and viewing the lovely pieces from start to finish. Congratulations on another beautiful finish.

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