High Atlas Rug – My Favorite Parts

This will be the final post for the High Atlas Rug. I promised I would tell you what I liked best about it.

First is my favorite insert, the one shown below. This one really gives the Moroccan feel to me. The sections that were done in the yellow area match the black section in size, so it is more balanced.

DSC_0494The my second favorite is the star bands, one of which is shown below. The vertical bands in the rug had to stay fairly straight and lined up because of the space available on each side of the motifs. With the two horizontal bands (the star bands) I had a little more room to play around. The stars were placed fairly even across the row, but they are one or two threads above or below each other. Then I did the same thing with the small motifs between them. It gives a more haphazard arrangement, which I really like.

The photo also shows the small black band so you can see how I changed it to be simpler and lighter. Don’t be afraid to change an element if it isn’t to your liking. Sometimes it changes the whole look of the piece – small change and a big change. This was was a great improvement to the overall look of the rug.

DSC_0496Thank you for all the comments about the finished rug! I enjoy hearing from you.

I started planning a new pillow pattern last night. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out in time to stitch it online in a week or two. I’ll use the leftover thread from this project, but Peanut Butter won’t be the main color this time.


2 responses to “High Atlas Rug – My Favorite Parts

  1. I’ve enjoyed this one so much, I kind of hate to see it end – like reading a good book you want to keep on going. However, I’m excited about seeing what’s next!!

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