Henna Star Design Revisited

I did the original of this design last December. I used ecru canvas and reddish brown threads to imitate a real henna design on skin.

HennaFinaleI decided that I needed to do another version, to show you that the design can be created using any color of threads and canvas that you choose. The new version was stitched on a gray canvas using bright colors – turquoise and purple. I started with a #5 perle cotton overdye this time for the outline of the piece.

DSC_0494The next step was to stitch the four corner motifs. I used Impressions for the Scotch stitches and Fyre Werks Hologram for the crossed stitches. I don’t like the Hologram version of this thread, but it worked very well for these long stitches. I found the trick was to make sure I laid the stitches on the back of the canvas as well as the front of the canvas. The fairly stiff thread looks good for this motif.

DSC_0496When the corners were done, I started on the center star. I used Impressions again for the inner star. Then added Sprinkles for the outer star. I like the sparkle of metallic thread here to pick up the light and draw attention to the center of the piece. I’ll add more Sprinkles for the center of the square later.

CenterStarQuite a change from the first version, isn’t it? This is a good way to use up some of those partial skeins you have in your stash. In my next post, I’ll show you the rest of the piece. This would be too bright for me if I didn’t use the gray canvas to tone it down a little. Some of you might like it on white.


2 responses to “Henna Star Design Revisited

  1. OH WOW this is gorgeous. I came here just now not really expecting to see anything new, and look what you’ve done. Very very nice. I look forward to the rest of it.

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