Henna Design Revisited – Finale

I’ve finished the new, bright version of the Henna Star design. Continuing where I left off in the last post, I did the top and bottom borders. When I stitched the aqua V stitches, they seemed too light. But when I added the brown in between the aqua stitches, they were perfect.

Top BorderThen I needed to stitch the side borders. After stitching the V stitches, I added a darker turquoise Sprinkles for the little running stitch between them. The eye motif is brown Impressions with the same Sprinkles for the + in the middle. Purple beads were added for an extra punch. These side borders are busy, but I feel the heavier motifs on the top and bottom give them a balance.

Side BorderTime for the lattice around the large star in the middle of the design. The lattice was created by long stitches in overdyed Kreinik braid (purple and turquoise). Then a bead was added at each intersection.  Here is a photo of the corner, all finished.

HennaLatticeThe final touch was to do 4 long stitches in purple Fyre Werks Hologram. And here is the final photo. A very bright version which I really like. Though I’m partial to the original version too.



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