Moroccan Embroidery Finished

It took several days and lots of trial and error, but I finally decided on what to do for the sections that go out on an angle between the rest/green squares. First, here is how it looked once I finished the rust/green boxes.

MEmHalfwayThen I added stitching for the angles. I used floss for this, backstitching a line in brown first. Then I added the light green and finally the light rust. The final step was to stitch the dark green X with a light green + over it.

MEmSlantIt’s delicate enough to add to the design, but not heavy enough to draw attention away from the boxes on the outside and the focal point in the middle. I love fall colors, so this was an easy project for color choices. It could easily be done in other colors as well.

MEmFinishNow I need to get back to work on the High Atlas Pillow. See you in a few days.


5 responses to “Moroccan Embroidery Finished

  1. I am so glad I have found you. I did a google search on moroccan embroidery after reading a lovely article in the AIR MAROC in flight magazine entitled La broderie marocaine: un voyage dans le temps et l’espace by Fadilah Berrada – this inspired me on my love of needlework….and now found your amazing blog…linked you on my blog and on facebook so hope your clustrmap gets even more visitor dots… 🙂

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