High Atlas Pillow – Progress 1

There are several reasons for doing a pillow from the High Atlas area of Morocco.

1. There are so many wonderful rugs from this area and I don’t have time to work with all of them.

2. I have quite a bit of Trio and Splendor thread left from stitching my High Atlas rug.

3. I have a photo of a rug that has intrigued me since I first saw it and now I’m going to create a pillow using some of the motifs from this rug, which is shown below.
HighAtlas12I’ve picked six motifs from this rug, which I will put together in a pillow. The design will be about nine inches square. The first motif I’ll work with is the white ¬†diamond band that is shown twice in the photo above. I’ve done this motif before in the small red Zemmour style rug late last year. But I wanted it to be the center of the rug this time, so I had to do some thinking. Below is the line drawing of the major part of the pillow design. There will be a border around this which is not drawn on the canvas yet.

DSC_0499There are four diamonds in the center section. I started by stitching the outlines of the diamonds in white Trio using Backstitch. When that was completed, I went around the rest of the area with dark brown Trio, again using Backstitch.

DSC_0500There will be a lot of open space in the center, even after I finish the design I have planned. In the white diamonds, I added a large Smyrna Cross. I stitched the large + in a darker shade, and the X on top of it in a lighter shade. I’m not sure you can see that in the photo, but I like the look of two different colors for this stitch. Then I needed something for the diamonds created when I stitched the dark brown shapes. Just a few stitches in yellow were added to complete the brown diamonds. Then I stitched a border in Cappuchino – Gobelin stitch over three threads. Here is the center, all completed.

DSC_0501I’ll work on the four rectangles around the center next. Each one will have a different motif. See you next week with another update.

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