High Atlas Pillow – Progress 3

Another rectangle is now complete, but I’m not sure I like it. I used white Trio to make long stitches and then used Ginger to stitch over it. I think this looks fairly good. The other sections are brown Splendor and yellow Trio. The sections in the middle of three in each row are one stitch wider than the other two. This alters the design a tiny bit. Then I found out that the rectangles are not 5 inches like I thought. They’re 4.75 inches. The individual sections are one inch long and that leaves one section about 4 stitches shorter than the others. I decided to put the smaller section in the middle of the rectangle and reverse the colors  – just to be different.

HARect-2There are two more rectangles to go – one will be completely filled in like the first one, and the second with have some open areas like this one. Even the border will have some open canvas and some solid stitching. I’m still experimenting and learning.

Here is the pillow as it looks today.

HAProg-3I will continue to work on the pillow as I have time. But I have something different planned for several posts next week. We’re going to study Zellig from Morocco. Stay tuned.

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