Zellig – Would you like to stitch along?

I’ve introduced you to zellig tiles, and showed you what I want to work on. I also told you I’ve seen this motif and others like it in many forms in Morocco art. Here are two more examples. The first is a door that has other types of wood inlayed to create the motif.


Morocco5000-p136The other is a musical instrument where the design was created using wood, bone, and pearl for the design.

Since this design is so complicated, I find that the best way to start adapting it is to pull some of the elements and create a smaller design first. Then I can go back to the original design and try to add more elements to it.

So I started with just the center of the tile I showed in my last post.

By analyzing the design, I found an 8-point star in the center of the design that was created by placing squares together. I know that the lines forming these squares continue on to other elements, but I want to start with something easy and then see how I can expand it later to be more complex.

I created 4 squares first. I then added 4 squares that are on point. This arrangement created the 8-point star in the middle of the design. The design in the original had the motif enclosed in an octagon, to I added that as the outside edge.

The beginning version of the tile is shown below. It’s not quite 3 inches square.


Then I thought, since it is so small, you might like to stitch along with me. Friday marks the end of my first year of blogging. So I’m going to put up stitch diagrams for the rest of the week for this little tile. If you would like to stitch along, you will need:

4 inch square of scrap canvas (or larger – design is less that 3 inches square)

2 shades of one color for the boxes

3 shades of a different color for the rest of the tile.

If you want to use a colored canvas, you won’t need to stitch the white background. If you use white canvas, or want to stitch the background, choose a light color to set off the design.

We’ll start tomorrow.


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