My Zellig – Step 1

Let’s start with the original tile so you can see how much I’ve simplified the pattern to create the first version. To the right is another color variation of my little tile design. This time it’s on pale salmon canvas and the cotton threads are salmon and olive green. I didn’t stitch the background and wanted you to see how it would look without a stitched background.

BacksplashTile Zellig-SalmonFor Step One you will start with the lighter color you selected for the squares. There are four squares, each with 11 stitches on a side. You need to leave 5 threads (four empty holes) between the squares. The stitch diagram below shows the four squares. The software I’m using is a cross stitch program, so the stitches shown are backstitches. All stitches are over one thread, but the software doesn’t let me leave space between the stitches.

Note: Do NOT turn your canvas as you do the four squares. All stitches should go in the same direction.


Each day I will also show you a stitched sample of the tile as we go. That way you will know how yours should look at the completion of each step. For Step One I’ve stitched the four squares in a medium greenish gray.

I’ll post Step Two tomorrow. Happy stitching!



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