My Zellig – Step 2

DSC_0498_2Here is another example to give you ideas for colors. I used an overdye cotton for the outside edge. Then I pulled other colors for the boxes and the center sections.

Now that you have the first four squares completed, we need to move on the four squares that are on point.

Make sure your stitches slant to the right and keep it in that orientation while you stitch the four tilted squares. There are only 9 stitches on each side this time. Again, the software doesn’t allow me to leave space between the stitches, so when you see a solid line, it’s actually 9 back stitches. Two of the stitches are already part of the first four squares. These new squares are behind the first ones. Just do the stitches that are black in the stitch diagram below. The brown ones have been completed already.

Zellig-BThese new boxes are stitched in a darker shade of the same color already used. This helps make them appear to be farther back in the design, adding dimension to the design.

Here is my stitched sample showing the first two steps completed.Zellig-gray2

Now you can see the 8-pointed star in the middle. We’ll work on that part tomorrow.


3 responses to “My Zellig – Step 2

  1. I like those colors – a great way to find a ready-made color scheme from the overdyed cotton. I do that with Caron’s Watercolours. This is interesting, and will be pretty.

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