My Zellig – Step 3

DSC_0500Here is the last of my samples to show you color ideas. I used two shades of turquoise floss for the boxes. The center was done in medium purple Sprinkles. The arms were done in light purple Fyre Werks Soft Sheen.

On to Step 3 – the center 8-point star.

Each side of the star is done with 5 slanted stitches.

The first stitch is over 3 threads, then over 2 threads, over 1, over 2, over 3. See the stitch diagram to the right.Start8-pt

The stitch diagram below shows where the stitches go within the design. All the stitches start by coming up in a hole shared by the first squares you stitched and done in an empty (clean) hole.


Start8-ptATurn the canvas a quarter turn, and repeat the stitches. Note that the first stitch is over 2 threads this time. All other stitches are the same. See the second stitch diagram to the right. Continue turning the canvas and doing the 5 stitches. When you get to the last side of the star, the first and last stitches will both be over 2 threads because of previous stitches.

The diagram below shows how your canvas should look after you complete this part of the design.

Zellig-3BYou know have small square in the center of the star. Complete the center by stitching a Scotch stitch using the same thread. The diagram below has the Scotch stitch in a different color to make it easier to see.

ZelligCenterTomorrow we will work on the arms that radiate from the center star.


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