My Zellig – Step 4

Yesterday was a tiny area. Today is easy, but more area to cover.

The four arms radiating out from the center 8-point star will be done today with a darker or lighter shade of the color you chose yesterday for the star. I did the center in a medium brown (which is a dark shade of orange in this case) so I stitched the arms with a lighter orange. DiagMosaic

Diagonal Mosaic is an easy stitch. You’ll make 4 small rows of this stitch for each arm. Notice that the last stitch in each row is a compensation stitch over 1 thread.

ZelligArm1The diagram below shows one arm completed. I alternated colors for the stitches to make it easier to see how each row is done.

Be sure to turn your canvas a quarter turn as you start each arm to make it easy to place the stitches correctly.

ZelligArm2When you have finished the four arms, your tile will look like this:

Zellig-4Tomorrow, I’ll show you the border around the tile.


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