My Zellig – Final Comments

I would like to see the tiles you have created with this zellig pattern. You can email them to me at There is a link in the column on the right. I’ll put them up on the blog if you give me permission.

I originally designed this little tile because I wanted a design I could use as tile on the wall of a needlepoint Moroccan room. As you can see now that you have stitched the tile, it’s WAY too big for that idea. I will have to create a much smaller tile that can be repeated for the walls of a room. If I use the Mosaic Stitch as a tile, and change colors as I create a pattern, maybe that would work better. Now I need to play with graph paper. See why I don’t get a lot of stitching done each day? I get a new idea and have to sketch and try things out while it’s fresh in my mind.

This zellig pattern can be repeated to create a larger design that can be placed in a tote bag, etc. The design below was done with the same cross stitch software but I used the colored squares instead of stitch lines. This way you can try changing the stitches if you want and create your own version of the design.

ZelligRepeatAn on point square is created in the center of the four repeats. I’ve put an 8-pointed star in the space with a Smyrna Cross in the center of it. You could also create your own little motif to fill the space. Let your imagination guide you – have some fun!

I’m hoping to take the original tile and create a version that is more complicated and closer to the original. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Right now it’s back to the pillow so I can get it completed.  Look for posts on that later in the week.

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