High Atlas Pillow – Progress 4

Time to work on the third of the rectangles that border the center square. This one is on the opposite side of the center from the first rectangle and repeats the use of small triangles to create a motif. This is a motif that appeared on my first Moroccan rug, the red one.


This one had no problems and stitched up quickly. Looking at it today, I think I should pull out stitches at the very bottom of the Gobelin bands and add one more stitch. I don’t like the canvas showing through in those places. Here is the rug after the third rectangle was completed.

HAPillow-4Each time I worked on this pillow over the past week, I’ve look at the rectangle to the left of today’s rectangle. And each day, I dislike the open weave on that rectangle, so I ripped it out and stitched it again. This time I used a solid color and a simple diamond stitch to fill in the area. I like this better, but I think it’s still the weakest of the rectangles I’ve stitched so far. I won’t rip it out again, but it’s still not quite fitting nicely with the others. Here is the reworked rectangle.

HA-rect2AI did pull apart the four strands and then put them back together, but it doesn’t cover as well as I would like. Trying to decide if I should pull out one part and redo it with 6 strands. Not sure yet. On to the last of the rectangles.

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