High Atlas Pillow – Progress 5

I’ve completed the last of the rectangles surrounding the middle square. I’ve used one of my favorite stitches – Sprat’s Head – to do the main part of the design. The center was done with another another of my favorites – Rhodes stitch. I like doing this stitch with two or three colors rather than only one. I like the white canvas showing around the stitch as well.

HA-rect4 Now all that’s left is the border. I’ll show how that is progressing in my next post. Here’s the pillow after all the rectangles were completed.

HAPillow6Is the last rectangle too fancy for the rest of the pillow? In the rugs, I can alternate the fancier bands with plain bands to keep the whole rug balanced. I’m not sure about this pillow. Would love to hear your opinion?

I’ll start working on the Middle Atlas Rug on 18 count canvas next week. I’ll do the stitch guide as I work on it so the stitch guide will be available by the end of November. Look for that to show up after the pillow’s final post next week.


4 responses to “High Atlas Pillow – Progress 5

  1. My eye is instantly drawn to the last rectangle. It is very pretty, but is that what you want? As Jane says, perhaps the tan would be better than the white?

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