High Atlas Pillow – Finale

Time to add a border and finish this pillow. More projects wait in the wings.

The border has three parts. The first part is the Gobelin Stitch over 3 threads done in Cappiccino. This gives a nice finished edge to the rectangles.

HABorder-1The second border is something new for me. The small photos I have of these rugs doesn’t give me the best view of some motifs. Making them bigger just causes them to become blurry pixels. So I created this motif to look like what I could see and don’t know how accurate it is.  It was created using just long cross stitches over 4 threads. I did the 3 rows of Ginger stitches first. Then the Natural stitches go from the middle of one Ginger cross stitch to the middle of the next one. I like it. The Rhodes Stitch at the corner was done with 3 colors. I like to experiment with this stitch. Maybe just 2 colors would have been enough.

HABorder-2The last step was to go around the pillow one more time in Cappiccino – Gobelin over 4 threads this time. Using the darker color for the inside and outside border sets the border off from the rest of the pillow and also unites the whole pillow.

HABorder-3And finally, the whole pillow which is now complete. It measures just over 9 inches square.



6 responses to “High Atlas Pillow – Finale

  1. This is really beautiful, the colours have all come together really well. I especially like what you have done with the border. Looking forward with great anticipation for the next project

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Now that the border is on I don’t think any corner is weaker/stronger than any other. Very nice balance. Thank you, as always, for sharing.

  3. This is a beautiful thing, indeed – the border really “finishes” it – you have created another masterpiece/heirloom.

  4. Judy,
    How interesting the pillow looks when you turn it around. I wasn’t all that crazy about it before, but turning it makes it look a lot different. Now I like it. Colors and border really make it all come together.
    Love your blog.
    Judy of SFSunset

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