Project Planning

I always have several projects in mind, even when I’m working on a major project. Now that the High Atlas pillow is completed, I have to decide what to work on next. I have four things on my list to work on in November. Maybe you’d like to see how I organize and work through all this.

1. I’ve promised several people I would get the stitching instructions for the Blue Middle Atlas Rug done. In order to determine how much thread is needed to stitch the rug on 18 count canvas, I’m stitching a quick one quarter of the design. Then I can multiply how much thread I use to get a rough idea. As I complete each band of the rug, I’m creating the stitch diagrams and writing instructions. Since I’m not stitching it for looks, I’m just using #5 perle cotton. I’ll show you a few photos of it, but not very many.

2. I’m doing my last craft show after Thanksgiving. I’ve been doing these shows around Christmas for 5 years and sales are never very good. But I’ve developed a lot of friendships over the years, and I want to see them one last time and say goodbye. Coasters sell more than anything else, so I’m working on coasters to sell. All the coasters I’ve shown online while I was playing with Moroccan tiles, are now in little acrylic coasters and ready to go. I’m working on more right now – about 2-3 a week. I figure I need about 30 for the two day show. About 20 done so far.

3. Zellig – I shared my first little tile with you for my blog anniversary. I told you that I was going to take that simple design and add to it to make a design closer to the original tile. I just finished this design! The colors are close to what I’ll be using to stitch it. Look for the first post late next week.

ZelligGreen4. I’ve decided which rug project I want to work on next. My inspiration is an antique rug from Morocco. I’ll use the general design of the rug shown below, but do all the actual patterns and motifs myself. I’m also changing the colors. I love the original colors, but I need a change of colors after all the browns and oranges in the last few projects. I’m going to do the center in navy and the rest in shades of red plus a few accent colors. I’m going back to my favorite materials as well. I’ll stitch this on 13 ct. canvas and use only Silk & Ivory thread. This is what I used for the Blue Middle Atlas Rug and it’s still my favorite of everything that I’ve stitched. It will be about 15″ x 30″, the same as the blue rug. This will be the standard materials and size for all my rugs from now on. I love the size and the thread is so easy to stitch with.

Taznakht15So while I’m working on projects 1-3, I’ll also be designing the center motif for the rug plus the borders that go all the way around. I’ll practice stitch and attempt to figure out how much thread I’ll need. Then around Thanksgiving, I’ll start sharing a new rug with you.

Do you think I have enough to keep myself busy and out of trouble? I certainly hope so. Now that I’ve listed it all, I need to get busy. Friday I plan to get the first two bands of the stitching instructions for #1 done and get 3 stitched designs into their acrylic frames. Then I can get out canvas and threads for the new zellig design. I love it when I’m busy! See you soon with photos.


2 responses to “Project Planning

  1. Remember the old Ed Sullivan show that occasionally featured Chinese jugglers keeping seven plates spinning on bamboo poles at the same time? You could audition for their replacement act!

  2. Just be grateful you have an active mind! I don’t koow how “couch potatoes” exist. This is especially a wonderful thing when one’s family is grown and gone – gives us something interesting and meaningful to think about and do. You’re also making a splendid contribution to the rest of us! I love watching, and learn a lot.

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